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Wheel Chock Holder-Wall Mount Shop-2
WC-17 (3)

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Our Wheel Chocks are built Mining Tough. B&D Manufacturing offers an advanced engineering solution integrating a lightweight aluminum tubular design, providing an incredibly strong wheel chock that is easy to lift and maneuver. Our superior grip design eliminates the need for any additional rubber mats or ground preparation. B & D also manufactures Wheel Chock Holders either vehicle mounted or wall mounted for your shop.

B & D Engineered, Certified, & Field Tested Wheel Chocks are available in the following sizes

 Model #  Size
WC-3        3"          
WC-4       4"
WC-5       5"
WC-6       6"
WC-8      8"
WC-10     10"
 WC-12     12"
 WC-15   15"
 WC-17  17"
 WC-20  20"


Wheel  Chock User Guide
Wheel Chock Holders
B & D Wheel Chock Holders are made of aluminum and can be wall mounted or mounted to a piece of equipment. The
wall mounted units can be mounted near overhead doors , so a service technician has a convenient system for storage of the chocks.
Wheel Chock Holder-Wall Mount Shop-1
Wheel Chock Holder- Wall Mount-Shop
Wheel Chock Holder-Wall Mount Shop-2A

These high capacity wheel chocks for haul trucks are lighter than the competition, allowing for easy handling and positioning.

Engineered Aluminum Wheel Chocks
WC-17 (3)