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Dump Body Lifting Device

The Dump Body Lifting Device, is engineered to lift most Mining Haul Truck Dump Bodies. This device allows your service team to lift the rear so that maintenance can be done on the suspension and other rear components.  The capacity is 100,000 lbs (45363.3 kg.)  Part number DBLD-50- TRUCK NUMBER.

Blocking Kit
Blocking Kit

Blocking Kit

A27000, A27000-100

  • Engineer certified
  • Lightweight cribbing for heavy equipment replaces traditional wood cribbing
  • Single block stacking up to a maximum of 24 in (610 mm) can support up to 50 tons (45,000 kg)
  • Crib-style blocking to the same height can support up to 100 tons (91,000 kg)
Track Roller Removal Tool

Track Roller Removal Tool

  • TRRT-Frame
    Forkway Frame

    Hitachi 5500 Track Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH4100RIR

    P&H 4100 Rear Inner Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH2800RIR

    P&H 2800 Rear Inner Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH4100LTR

    P&H 4100 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH2800LTR

    P&H 2800 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment


    RH340 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PC5500LTR

PC5500 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment

Custom designed and manufactured attachments available.

Track Roller Removal Tool
Dipper Door Wedge

Dipper Door Wedge

The B&D Dipper Door Safety Wedge is designed to secure the dipper door in place during maintenance activities.

  • Engineer certified
  • Simple to install and comes with standard operating procedures for comprehensive personnel training
  • Easy to handle because it is made of lightweight aluminum
  • Safe and reliable
Dipper Door Wedges
Oil Drip Carts

Oil Drip Carts
Model numbers:
30345                200 gallon
33454-100         100 gallon
33454-200          200 gallon
33454-200-SP    200 gallon
A27032-50            50 gallon
A27032-75            75 gallon
RG-114-L               LOW PROFILE
RG-114-M              LOW PROFILE
RG-114-S               LOW PROFILE


100 US gal (375 L), 40.5 in(103cm) x 68in(173cm) x 19in(48cm)

33454-200, 40.5 in(103cm) x 87in(221cm) x 23.5in(60cm)

200 US gal (750 L)

300 US Gallon (1170 L) c/w HD Frame & Wheels

Eliminate spillage using these low-profile aluminum oil carts.

With heavy duty handles, 4 oil-resistant swivel casters, these oil carts are very easy to maneuver and will fit under any size of equipment. Removable bar grating top that also serves as a work platform.

Engineer certified for 300 lbs (136 kg)

Antifreeze Cart

Antifreeze Cart


Constructed as a sealed and vented tank to reuse the antifreeze, our 140 gal (529 L) low profile cart comes with 2 in (51 mm) intake and discharge ports, 2 clean-out ports and sight glass. A heavy duty handle, four oil resistant swivel casters make it easy to maneuver. Fits under equipment of any size.

Antifreeze Carts

Body Blocks

Body Block

Body Blocks


  • Engineer certified
  • Safely support the dump body by placing a Body Block between the frame and body during maintenance
  • Must be used in pairs