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Blocking Kit
Blocking Kit

Blocking Kit

A27000, A27000-100

  • Engineer certified
  • Lightweight cribbing for heavy equipment replaces traditional wood cribbing
  • Single block stacking up to a maximum of 24 in (610 mm) can support up to 50 tons (45,000 kg)
  • Crib-style blocking to the same height can support up to 100 tons (91,000 kg)
Track Roller Removal Tool

Track Roller Removal Tool

  • TRRT-Frame
    Forkway Frame

    Hitachi 5500 Track Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH4100RIR

    P&H 4100 Rear Inner Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH2800RIR

    P&H 2800 Rear Inner Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH4100LTR

    P&H 4100 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PH2800LTR

    P&H 2800 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment


    RH340 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment

  • TRRT-S-PC5500LTR

PC5500 Lower Track Roller Saddle Attachment

Custom designed and manufactured attachments available.

Track Roller Removal Tool
Dipper Door Wedge

Dipper Door Wedge

The B&D Dipper Door Safety Wedge is designed to secure the dipper door in place during maintenance activities.

  • Engineer certified
  • Simple to install and comes with standard operating procedures for comprehensive personnel training
  • Easy to handle because it is made of lightweight aluminum
  • Safe and reliable
Dipper Door Wedges
Oil Drip Carts
97461-300US Gallon Oil Drip Cart-1-R
97461-300US Gallon Oil Drip Cart-R
Oil Drip Carts Industrial Size

Oil Drip Carts
33454-100, 33454-200


100 US gal (375 L), 40.5 in(103cm) x 68in(173cm) x 19in(48cm)

33454-200, 40.5 in(103cm) x 87in(221cm) x 23.5in(60cm)

200 US gal (750 L)

300 US Gallon (1170 L) c/w HD Frame & Wheels

Eliminate spillage using these low-profile aluminum oil carts.

With heavy duty handles, 4 oil-resistant swivel casters, these oil carts are very easy to maneuver and will fit under any size of equipment. Removable bar grating top that also serves as a work platform.

Engineer certified for 300 lbs (136 kg)

Antifreeze Cart

Antifreeze Cart


Constructed as a sealed and vented tank to reuse the antifreeze, our 140 gal (529 L) low profile cart comes with 2 in (51 mm) intake and discharge ports, 2 clean-out ports and sight glass. A heavy duty handle, four oil resistant swivel casters make it easy to maneuver. Fits under equipment of any size.

Antifreeze Carts

Body Blocks

Body Block

Body Blocks


  • Engineer certified
  • Safely support the dump body by placing a Body Block between the frame and body during maintenance
  • Must be used in pairs