Elevating Platform Stairs
Aluminum Elevating Platform Stairs-B & D Manufacturing

B&D Manufacturing’s Aluminum Elevating Platform Stair is a hybrid aluminum/ steel manufactured stair that can be remotely raised from a lowered height of 116” to a maximum height of 164” by either the top platform or the ground level master control panel. This stair is ideal for maintenance work at various heights.

Key features include:
• Engineer certified, with a 500-lb (227 kg) load rating
• fabricated in lightweight, high-strength aluminum
• large 30 in (762 mm) x 48 in (1220 mm) cantilever top platform with front and back gates
• 6 in (153 mm) x 3 in (77 mm) phenolic wheel casters for low rolling resistance and easy maneuverability
• 2 leveling outriggers for stability
• superior shur-grip steps for anti-slip surface
• fork pockets for transporting
• onboard 110 V.A.C. hydraulic power pack equipped with a wash-guard motor, suitable for wet locations and capable of withstanding direct water spray
• radio remote controlled from upper platform with up.down/e-stop features
• main control panel mounted at ground level and equipped with override for faster control of equipment in the event of an emergency.
For more information please contact rfq@bdmfg.com