Dozer/Excavator Track Access Stairs


B&D Manufacturing Dozer/Excavator Track Access Stairs  are Engineer certified, with a 500-lb (227 kg) load rating and fabricated in lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum. B&D Manufacturing’s Aluminum Dozer/Excavator Track Access Stair features a large cantilever platform. This design allows a safe unobstructed path over track assemblies to access cab or to perform routine maintenance around tracked equipment. This stair features urethane on cast high capacity casters for easy positioning, bolt-on replaceable hand railings, steps and ramps, and standard 42” tall hand railings.
Features include: 

- large 30 inch (762 mm) x 74 inch (1880 mm) cantilever top platform for over-the-track access
- steel counterweight provides exceptional counter balance
- 2 swivel casters and 2 rigid casters for ease of mobility and positioning
- 2 front floor locks 
- 2 rear leveling outriggers for stability
- right-side and left-side hinged ramps to access tracks
- removable back handrail section
- swing out ramp handrails
- superior shur-grip steps for anti-slip surface.

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