Align Boring Optional Accessories


Extra Small Boring Bar Kit

SE 7/8" Kits

The SE Kit reduces the align boring machine to receive a 7/8" (22 mm) boring bar. Available in various packages depending on bar length required. The boring range for SE Kit is from 1" to 2 1/2". Includes 3 pc. Drive Assembly Adaptor Set, 2 pc. Inserts for bar supports, Centering Cone Set and chromed, keyed boring bar.

  • SE-4-EV – 7/8" x 4 ft with tool bit holders installed
  • SE-4-TM – 7/8" x 4 ft with tool bit holders installed
  • SE-4-AM – 7/8" x 4 ft with tool bit holders installed
  • SE-6-EV – 7/8" x 6 ft with tool bit holders installed
  • SE-6-TM – 7/8" x 6 ft with tool bit holders installed
  • SE-6-AM – 7/8" x 6 ft with tool bit holders installed


Boring Heads

  • AM-24 – Large boring head for machining bores to 24"
  • 010A-22-28 – AM-24 Boring Head Extension to extend boring range from 24" to 28"
  • TBH-013-S – Optional boring head with a range to 10"

Centering Cone

Centering Cone Extension


Cones are used to centre the boring bar to the bores. The LACC-685 extends the cone range from 6" to 8 1/2" diameter.


Cone Tightener


The Cone Tightener consists of 3 parts: locking collar, threaded ring and lock nut. To tighten the cones to the bore, place the threaded ring which has the lock nut and locking collar, on each side of the cones. Tighten the locking collars in place. Using the supplied spanner wrench, tighten the lock nut onto the cone which in turn tightens the cones into the bores.


4 1/2" - 25" Spider


The Spider is used when it is impossible to use a bar support for example, where the bore you are machining is 3' to 4' long. You need some type of support so you would insert a spider in the bore to support the bar.


Follower Rest


The Follower Rest is used when the bore is too small for a spider, or when a continuous cut is needed for an extended length and a support cannot be placed along the bore.


Bore Welder


The BOA portable bore welder system saves you both cut welding time and machining time with smooth, high quality welding on internal and external diameters. Welding systems range from 1 1/4" to 37" depending on the package required. B&D mounting systems allow for quick and easy setup.


Grooving Tool

The Grooving Tool is used to make snap ring grooves in bores. The groove diameter ranges from 2 1/4" to 5 1/4" with a 1 3/4" boring bar. The minimum groove width dimension is 3/32".


Boring Bar Couplers

Boring Bar Couplers join 2 bars together when one bar is not long enough to fit between bores, eliminating a longer heavier boring bar.

  • LAC-200 – used to couple any 2" boring bars
  • TC-175 – used to couple any 1 3/4" boring bars
  • XC-125 – used to couple any 1 1/4" boring bars
  • SEC-78 – used to couple any 7/8" boring bars