Bore Welding-Parts & Accessories

Bore welding guns
Welding Guns
A328 Gun, short QC
A313 Gun , standard QC
A336 Gun, micro QC for IDs:20 mm - 50 mm (0.8" - 2.0")
A310 Gun, large diameter QC for IDs:200 mm - 380 mm (8" - 15")
A317 Gun, outside diameter QC for IDs:25 mm - 305 mm (1" - 12")

Bore specialty guns
Specialty Guns
A333 Handheld gun assembly QC
A133 Beam gun kit:adjustable ID and OD welding
A127 Face welding gun kit

Bore gun extenders
Gun Extenders
A309 Gun extension assembly:150 mm (6")
A335 Gun extension assembly:250 mm (10")
K13.12 Gun diameter extension kit:125 mm (5") x 2

Bore welder supports
Welder Supports
K11.11"T" Base with tack plate and tool
K31.21"A" Base with tack plate and tool (compact)
A329Universal Hex mount Use with BOA-M1 only
A308Radial Support Use with BOA-M1 only
3099Support Tube Use with BOA-M1 only
K31.11Centre Support Kit Use with BOA-M1 only
K11.21Centre Support Kit Use with BOA-408i only
A118Radial Support Extension: 102 mm (4")
A119Radial Support Extension: 204 mm (8")
K11.12Centering tube & cone kit: 45 mm - 160 mm (1.8" - 6.4")

Bore drive spindles
Drive Spindles
A320 Spindle assembly:250 mm (10")Use with BOA-M1 only
A325 Spindle assembly:356 mm (14")
A319 Spindle assembly:457 mm (18")
A326 Spindle assembly:610 mm (24")

Bore M1 power options
M1 Power Options
A303 Motor, red for bores:20 mm - 120 mm (0.8" - 4.5")
A323 Motor, white for bores:50 mm - 280 mm (2" - 11")
A322 Motor, blue for bores:250 mm - 1000 mm (10" - 40")
K11.12 Motor control:12V AC / 120V AC / 240V AC Input