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evolution jack EJ200

The B&D Manufacturing evolution jack can lift and secure the world's largest haul trucks. It provides excellent stability when performing wheel group suspension or tire maintenance. The Super Jack can lift the entire front or back end of 200-400 t payload capacity haulage trucks in just minutes. Learn More

Multi Handler

Increase safety, turnaround time and availability of your fleet with the versatile B&D Manufacturing Multi Handler and it's robust line of accessories for the removal and replacement of truck components. Learn More

Multi Handler Attachments

Explore a wide range of accessories for the removal and replacement of truck parts with the B&D Manufacturing Multi Handler. Learn More

MH attachments
Tire Handler Station

B&D Manufacturing's Tire Handler Station is part of the world's best tooling package for haul trucks.
Ideal for any shop to keep truck downtime at a minimum and keep technicians safe, this is the only Tire Handler Station of this caliber and capability on the market. Learn More

Swing Shaft Changer

The B&D Manufacturing Swing Shaft Changer offers an easy, fast and safe way to replace and service the swing shafts for P&H 2300, 2800 and 4100 shovels.  Learn More

Wheel Chocks

With the size and capacity of modern haul trucks growing continuously, so does the need for providing a safe and effective wheel chock. Upon actual load testing, B&D Manufacturing's wheel chocks outperform the competition's wheel chock without fail on ice pack, compacted aggregates, concrete and normal construction surfaces. Learn More

WC panel
Stairs & Platforms

B&D Manufacturing offers a wide range of light to heavy duty, standard or custom step platforms and stairs to suit a variety of applications, designed to exceed industry standards in strength, safety, stability and durability. Utilize B&D Manufacturing stairs and platforms in your work environment to decrease set-up times and increase production in a variety of environments by minimizing the use of traditional fall arrest equipment.  Learn More

stairs panel

B&D Manufacturing offers a wide range of stable and dependable equipment stands that are user-friendly to position thereby promoting a safe working environment. Learn More

stands panel
Other Surface Products

B&D Manufacturing offers a wide range of products to assist you with maintaining a safe and efficient work environment to increase production and reduce operating downtime.  Learn More

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Portable Align Boring Machine

A truly portable and complete service tool for on-site or in-shop precision machining applications, B&D Manufacturing Portable Align Boring Machines are rugged, modular in design, and operate effectively with as little as 110V of power. B&D Manufacturing's Portable Align Boring Machines will significantly help reduce downtime on your heavy equipment. Learn More

Automated Bore Welder System

The BOA portable bore welder system saves both cut welding time and machining time, with smooth, high-quality welding on internal and external diameters. Learn More

bore welder