Pedestal Boom

  • Mounts to the base of the B&D Multi Handler and is used to install and remove rear struts and main hoist (dump body) cylinders.
  • The control of Pedestal Boom functions has been integrated into the Multi Handler’s wireless radio remote controller and base unit with our latest product offering.
  • The operator is able to individually control the following seven axes of motion: Base Left/Right, Boom Up/Down, Dipper Up/Down, End-Effector Angle Left/Right, End-Effector Grab Hold/Release, End-Effector Tilt Forward/Back and End-Effector Extend In/Out.
  • End-Effector includes two hydraulically operated winches with straps


  • Rotation is ±90° from the centre line of the Multi Handler's front end
  • maximum weight loading capacity is 2 tons