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New Product Development

Our goal with New Product Development is to continually provide efficient, cost-effective and safe products to all our clients globally. Benefiting from customer input and experience, we're able to develop or improve the features our clients need.

Our product development focuses on skilled mechanics and workers with specific tasks that require specialty products or equipment not available in the market today.

Design & Build

B&D and its partners continually design new products for local and international businesses. Product improvement, technical progress, changing working conditions & customer requests and suggestions provide material for new designs that improve customer productivity and safety.

B&D's engineers develop many new products or variations annually, as well as numerous limited run or unique products at the request of customers. Constructed to B&D's usual engineer-approved standards these products often enter our regular inventory of available products.

From our experience and designs, we engineer not only the necessary safety factors of a products or equipment, but the application of that equipment in the field. Performing what we call a 'validation', our engineering team certifies the mechanics, tolerances and applicability of new or existing products.

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If you have an idea, we can build it!

Do you have a product you need developed?
B&D can design, engineer and manufacture your ideas.

Quote Request for New Product Development

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