* -W denotes wheeled wheel chock (dolly)
Model Chock
Vehicle Tire
Diameter Range
Rated for Gross
Vehicle Weight
WC-6 7 lbs. small vehicles only up to 40,000 lbs.
WC-8 10 lbs. 24" - 54" up to 40,000 lbs.
WC-10 15 lbs. 46" - 75" up to 120,000 lbs.
WC-12 19 lbs. 62" - 80" up to 200,000 lbs.
WC-15 25 lbs. 102" - 108" up to 250 ton
WC-17 31 lbs. 136" - 142" up to 435 ton
WC-20 43 lbs. 146" - 151" up to 550 ton
WC-20-W* 55 lbs. 146" - 151" up to 550 ton
WC-24 71 lbs. 56/80 R63 or 59/80 R63 only up to 700 ton
WC-24-W* 71 lbs. 56/80 R63 or 59/80 R63 only up to 700 ton

Aluminum Wheel Chocks

Finally a lightweight Wheel Chock that works on Ice Pack, Gravel & Concrete

With the size and capacity of modern haulage trucks growing continuously so does the need for providing a safe and effective wheel chock. B&D provides an advanced engineering solution integrating a lightweight aluminum tubular design providing an incredibly strong wheel chock that any individual or operator can maneuver.

Upon actual load testing B&D Wheel Chocks outperform the competition without failure on ice pack, gravel, concrete & normal construction surfaces. Due to our superior grip design there is no need for any additional rubber mats or ground preparation.

Our larger capacity chocks for the 300-400 ton haulage truck series are often half the weight of the competition allowing easy installation and maneuverability by any driver or mechanic. To reduce shop mechanic fatigue consider the wheeled version chock.

Considerations and Warnings
  • Individual end user testing required to ensure proper chock selection and function.
  • Use only after parking brake is applied and tested.
  • Loading of wheel chock is to be a static load.
  • Center chocks firmly and squarely against tire.
  • Wheel chocks are not to be driven over.
  • Chock in direction of grade.
  • Chock both sides of wheel if direction of grade is undetermined.
  • Always use in pairs.
  • Always use on firm surfaces.