Ring Gears

Maximize productivity of your LHD's and underground trucks with the most durable coupling ring gear available for Clark power trains - the B&D Ring Gear. Fibre ring gears throughout the mining, forestry and construction industries have already been replaced with the B&D Ring Gear. Extensive field testing in Ontario and New Brunswick mines has proven that the B&D Ring Gear outlasts and outperforms standard fibre ring gears.

Manufactured from a dense polymer material that doesn't chip or flake, it's flexible enough to withstand the pressure created by the torque impulses of large diesel engines. Each tooth on these tough coupling gears has been precision-machined to produce uniform load distribution for a longer-lasting, more dependable gear.

The B&D Ring Gear is the best way to ensure that ring gear failure doesn't put your production on hold. The B&D ring gear is available in two sizes: a larger gear for C&CL5000 and C&CL8000 series torque converters on larger LHD's and underground trucks; and a smaller size for 270 series torque converters found on smaller LHD's and forestry equipment.

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