Drill Steel Extractor
Drill Steel
Machine Type Cylinder
For usual drill steels
up to approx. 18 feet long
11-689 2.5"

Blow per min.
at 70 lbs./in.
Weight Air Consumption
Cu. ft./min.
at 70 lbs./in.
1,580 35 lbs. 67

Drill Steel Extractor


When the drill steel becomes so jammed that a rod twister no longer produces the desired effect, the B&D Drill Steel Extractor will enable just one man to pull out the drill steel in a few seconds without damage or loss.

The B&D Drill Steel Extractor is the key accessory to full mechanization on site and continues to keep sites operating efficiently all over the world.

It works like a rock drill but in the opposite direction. The drill steel is loosened and extracted in a sensible manner by compressed air. The shank of the drill steel is put sideways on to the inlet of the machine and firmly fixed to the extractor by means of a self-tensioning wedge. Recoil is taken up by a strong spring.

It pulls in all directions at any height, and of course, at floor level. It is available for standard 7/8 x 4 1/8 in hex. shank drill steel.