Automated Bore Welding Systems

  • All bore welder packages feature the exclusive pass-through drive system design enabling bore-to-bore transitions by telescoping or retracting the bore welder gun extension assembly
  • BOA-408i series welders can be mounted between bores, welding out either end – practical for bores similar to those of payloader front bores: by centre-mounting the BOA-408i drive, only one setup is required to weld both left and right side bores
  • Diameter adjustment is a snap with the BOA torch pivot mechanism included with all BOA-408i welder systems
  • All BOA-408i series systems may be equipped with the bore welder-to-boring bar interface for true plug-and-play simplicity: once set up, the bore welder simply plugs into the boring bar support
  • BOA Series bore welders offer diameter ranges from 0.80’’ to 48’’ (20 mm - 1.2 m)