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B&D Manufacturing News
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  • B&D Manufacturing in Canadian Mining Journal

    Dec 2015 - Setting up shop near your customers makes good business sense, and that's exactly what B&D Manufacturing did more than 35 years ago when it opened its doors to the mining community in the Sudbury area.
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  • B&D Manufacturing on display in Peru at Extemin 2015

    B&D Manufacturing distributor, International Wheel, was featured in Mundo Minero, theory and action of the mining world, based on their participation at Extemin 2015 in Peru. The modality of attention, the respect for customers and the spirit of service were recognized by all who visited their booth at Extemin 2015. B&D Manufacturing Global Sales Manager, Scott Whelan, was present to share insight on the innovation and quality behind B&D Manufacturing equipment with over 100 thousand attendees
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  • B & D Manufacturing in International Mining

    “The B&D Manufacturing product line has expanded and the company is now widely known as an OEM that manufactures heavy equipment such as the Super Jack, Multi Handler, Tire Handler Station and Swing Shaft Changer, along with a robust line of aluminium products. The company says that “through ongoing commitment to research and development, B&D Manufacturing responds to the demands of industry, supplying offerings that allow them to perform maintenance activities safely, efficiently and conveniently at their own work sites. The company owes its success to its team with the ability to identify unsafe or inefficient practices and provide groundbreaking solutions that customers depend on.”
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  • Global Business Report

    Jan 2015 - “B&D Manufacturing was founded in 1980 by two young entrepreneurs who invented a portable align boring machine. Before then, underground mining equipment had to be disassembled and transported to an outside machine shop for repairs.”
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  • 1 million hours, NO Lost Time!

    May 2014 - “Mining supply and services company B&D Manufacturing reached one million hours of no lost time injuries this week. 'This is a great accomplishment for our organization,' said Andre Ruest, general manager for the Chelmsford-based company.”
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