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About B & D Manufacturing
safe efficient solutions

Founded in 1980, B&D Manufacturing is a dynamic Canadian company that designs, manufactures and distributes innovative Mining products and technologies to increase production and improve safety for industries globally. Originally established as the manufacturer of the globally recognized Portable Align Boring Machines, our product line has expanded to include support equipment for large haul trucks and heavy shovels at surface operations, as well as heavy equipment operating in underground mines. In addition to our OEM product line, we support a variety of clients with custom design, fabrication and manufacturing, on-site repair and rebuild services.

Our customers trust us to provide quality products and a high level of service. Our goal is to build customer relationships the same way we build products – for the long haul.

To provide products and services that help protect production maintenance personnel and reduce cost in global mining operations.

Mission and Vision statements

To be globally recognized as the partner of choice for innovative, safe, efficient solutions in maintaining mining production equipment.
Global Network

Through collaboration with key industry players we can increase our expertise, extend our service base and best meet your industrial needs.

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Heath & Safety

In addition to B & D Manufacturing priding itself on the quality of its products and services, our commitment to safety is of the utmost concern and importance.

The objective of this Company is to provide at all times a safe and healthy work environment. The Company Safety Program is a structured plan that implements the Company Safety Policy through the joint participation of worker and management and, by both taking a disciplined approach to responsibility, accident prevention, reporting and investigation, and to the enforcement of safety rules and regulations.

We believe that all accidents and injuries can be prevented and our objective is to be the leader in safety performance to all resource industries by achieving ZERO accidents.

To accomplish this, management, supervision and workers must participate in and accept their responsibilities as defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and B&D Manufacturing’s company policies and procedures.

Management is committed to ensuring that the necessary equipment, protective devices, procedures and training are provided so that all employees can perform their daily tasks safely.


It is the policy of B&D Manufacturing to continually improve our Quality Management System in order to provide high quality, defect free products and services, delivered on time, that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

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Quality ISO 9001

Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015

BSI provides organizations from all sectors with best practice solutions and standards that represent and support the needs of business and society in Canada and worldwide.

Our welders are certified for a variety of processes and materials and their goal is to provide high quality, economical solutions using state-of-the-art computer technology and innovation.